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Balaam’s Wood LNR to Gannow Green Moat 
                    (Circular route) 3km (2 miles)

Penny says " I walk this route often as I enjoy following the River Rea and
watching the seasons change"

This circular walk starts at Balaam’s Wood Local Nature Reserve on Rubery Lane, Rubery.
entrance is by the Rubery Lane and Park Way junction. 

Parking is available on the neighbouring Birmingham Great Park and the 49 bus
passes this entrance to the nature reserve. The route is pretty flat and accessible to the
less able. You can complete the walk in around an hour, but allow time to stop
and enjoy your surroundings.

1… Follow Balaam’s Wood Walk (NCN 5) through the nature reserve; which is
especially lovely in spring when the bluebells flower. The River Rea flows
through the nature reserve and your walk will follow it back towards its
source. You may see many species of birds, wildflowers and other wildlife on
this walk.

2… Follow the pathway to Arden Road. You can find shop, parking and a post office here.
3…  Following the cycle route signs to Devon Road will lead you to Gannow
Green Moat. Gannow Green Moat is a scheduled monument and the site of a
medieval moated manor house (No longer in existence).

4… Continue past the moat to Ormond Road and turn right.

5…  At the junction with Boleyn Road turn right again. Boleyn Road is named after the family
of Ann Boleyn, whose father once owned the manor, though there is no proof she
ever visited!

6…  Walking along Boleyn Road you will pass the top of Devon Road then see a pedestrian
route, Princess Diana Way, on your right. A railway bridge once stood here.
7… Follow this pathway, the route of the old Halesowen branch line, back to Arden Road. 

8… Return to Rubery Lane through Balaam’s Wood LNR.

The pathway is also a cycleway so pedestrians should be aware of bikes.

Download this walk as a pdf file      Balaam's Wood to Gannow Green

Click on the photo below to see some of the best views along this walk.

Balaam's Wood to Gannow Green Moat

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