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Balaam's Wood LNR to Hollymoor Park
                           (Circular route) 4km (2.5 miles) 

Penny says " I love to follow this walk in autumn as the trees in Hollymoor Park
are so colourful"

This circular walk starts at Balaam’s Wood Local Nature Reserve on Rubery Lane, Rubery. The
entrance is by the
Rubery Lane and Park Way junction.

There is parking on the neighbouring Birmingham Great Park and the 49 bus passes this
entrance to the nature reserve.This circular walk has only gentle gradients, is chiefly on a
segregated pedestrian/cycleway and is therefore quite accessible to the less able. The walk
can be completed in an hour and 15 mins, but add extra time to stop and enjoy your surroundings.

1… Keeping the nature reserve entrance behind you cross at the pedestrian lights and follow the
pathway marked as NCN 5.

2… Passing Connolly Drive turn left with the cycle route at the crossroads by the lake.

3… Follow  over the old track bridge until you reach Hollymoor Way cross at the pedestrian lights
 and follow the pathway until if enters Hollymoor Park.

4… The park was once the grounds of Hollymoor Hospital and is in the shadow of Hollymoor Tower; which
still remains as a local landmark. The park has many mature trees which are especially attractive in
autumn; here you will find a children’s play area and benches to rest a while.

5… Follow the pathway past the play area and straight on, you will leave the park at the top of
Hollymoor Way.

6… Turn right and when you get to the bend of the road cross carefully and take the pathway opposite
that runs between the fence and houses, after a few 100 metres this will open out on your right into
Rover Park.

7… Walking through Rover Park gives spectacular views of the new Longbridge development.

8… The pathway rejoins Hollymoor Way opposite Hollymoor Park, cross carefully and re-trace your
steps through the park and back as far as the crossroads.

9… Here turn left and Great Park balancing lake will come into view, a walk around the lake is a must
for nature lovers! If you have binoculars bring them along to get a better look at the resident wildlife; there
are benches here too.

10… If you wish to stop for refreshments there are many options of the Birmingham Great Park.

11… Turn right when you leave the lake and the pathway will lead you back to Rubery Lane.

The pathway is also a cycleway so pedestrians should be aware of bikes.

Download this walk as a pdf file   Balaams Wood to Hollymoor Park 

Click on the photo below to see some of the best views along this walk.

Balaam's Wood to Hollymoor Park

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