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                          Bournville Meander

                                    (Circular route) 6km (4miles)

Graham says " This walk is one of Birmingham’s prettiest and least known
walks and a favourite of mine. It is particularly beautiful in the spring and autumn"

Time to complete walk about one half hours

Route Description

A circular route linking up 8 parks on the Bournville estate. The walk has gentle
gradients and is mainly on paved surfaces but there are some sections on grass which
can be muddy when wet. The walk starts near a beautiful lake, and follows the Griffins
Brook as it proceeds past the famous yachting pool, and then skirts the Cadbury factory
before via many lovely parks  the route returns to the start.

Starting point

The starting point for this walk is the car park at Manor Farm Park on the Bristol Road.
Well covered by buses e.g 61,62,63 and X62 etc. The nearest railway station is Bournville
(a half mile away from the route at Bournville Park -Instruction 14).

1...  From the car park go through the park entrance into Manor Farm Park

2...  Follow the tarmac path down the hill taking the first right fork.

3...  Follow the pathway around the to the right keeping the Lake on your left hand side.
This area is paradise for watchers of water fowl. Cross over the little wooden bridge under
which flows the Griffins Brook.

4...  After 10 yards take the little muddy pathway that leads to a wooden entrance chicane .

5...  Turn right (do not go straight on to the gravel path) and follow the tarmaced New house
Farm Rd 

6...  Ignore first left which leads up to the old Manor House, turn second left into Woodbrook Drive, and where it bends, follow the gravel pathway down to the Bristol Road.

7...  Turn left and then cross the Bristol Road at the pelican crossing

8...  Turn left and walk onto the unsurfaced pathway. Follow the pathway alongside the
Brook  to the paths end. This little section of neglected pathway is full of wild flowers
in the Spring.

9...  Straight over Cob Lane keeping the cottages on your left. After the last cottage you
will see the old stables (big white building) now turn left and follow the narrow tarmac
pathway through the trees to Bournville Lane.

10...  Caution busy road. Cross over Bournville Lane. Turn right along the pavement.
Then turn left into the park. In front of you you will see” the yachting pool”. The pool is
frequented by numerous water fowl and two or three times a week by the model
yachting club. You may wish explore further.

11...  Keeping the Brook on your left  cross over the bridge and follow the
path to the road.

12...  Cross over the road and follow the pathway.

13...  At the next road turn left and follow the pathway for about 20 yards. In front of
you you will see the entrance to Bournville Park. Go through the entrance into the Park.
Do take time to explore the Park and possibly go across the main Linden Road at the
far end and walk around the outside of the Cadbury factory or visit Cadbury world..

14...  Keeping the Brook on your left go past the tennis courts and turn right on the tarmac
path leading into Beech Road. Go up the hill.

15...  At the top of Beech Road turn right onto Bournville Lane.

16...  Turn left onto Selly Oak Road and then turn right at the mini roundabout
 onto Heath  road.

17...  Just before the Pelican crossing turn right into Row Recreation ground.  A diversion is
recommended here: Continue up Heath Road to the Row Heath Pavilion on  your left where
there is a café and at the back of the Pavilion are the lakes,wildfowl and ponds and pathways
of Row Heath Park

18...  Having turned right into Row Heath  Recreational Ground  follow the pathway
downhill to St Francis primary school.

19...  Take the next left (cul-de-sac) and at the bottom of the cul-de-sac follow the pathway
downhill and turn left. Walk straight on, do not enter Berberry Close, but keep the backs
of the houses on your right. This path can be muddy..

20...  Enter Woodlands Park and follow the pathway to the far end of the Park

21...  Crossover Woodlands Park Road
Follow the pathway around to the left keeping the flats on your right. Go past the garages.
Or the more pretty route, but it can be muddy, walk across the football pitch and follow the
grass path across the field.

22...  Cross Over Hole Lane and  follow the pathway. Hole Farm is down  on your left.
Go past the lake on your left and follow the path to keep the houses on your left hand side.

23...  Cross over St Lawrence Road and enter Victoria Common. Stay to the right on the
path all the way to the top where it goes through a narrow little alleyway which leads you out
onto the Bristol road

24...  Turn right

25...  Cross Bristol road at the crossing. Turn left and walk up the Bristol Road..

26...  Straight over the crossing at Shenley Lane, and turn right and turn left into Saxon

27...  After 30 yards cross Saxon wood close and turn right before the first house onto the
tarmac path. There are a set of 12 steps that lead you to the Bell Holloway. There is no
pavement on this short section.

28...  Continue on down Bell Holloway
29...  Join the pavement until it meets Merritts Brook lane.

30...  Cross over Merritts Brook Lane and follow the pavement over the brick bridge

31...  On your left you will see the entrance to Ley Hill Park. Another detour can be taken into
 this lovely park. There is an Arboretum and some delightful wood sculptures to be found
 at the top of the Park.(The park cafe has sadly closed)

32...   At the entrance to Leyhill Park cross over the road and keeping the bungalows on your
left walk all the way along Meadow Brook Park, there is no pathway here, just a  worn grass
track and it can be muddy. On your right is the course of the Merritts Brook.
33...  At Shenley Lane, cross straight over, but be aware that traffic speeds can be high so
proceed with caution. Once across Shenley Lane turn left.

34...  Turn right before the bus shelter, at the entrance to Shenley Lane Community Centre,
and you will see next to the fence a  muddy pathway. Follow the pathway into Manor Farm Park.

35...  Keeping the Brook to your right proceed along the Park until you find the tarmac pathway
turn right along the pathway.

36... Go over the footbridges and the pathway will lead you back past the Children's play
area to the car park from whence you started.
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  Bournville Meander.

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Bournville Meander

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