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Bournville Parks

(Circular route)  6km  (3.5 miles)

" Bournville will always be linked with Cadbury,
but this walk has lots more to offer!"

An easy flat walk, on paved paths all the way except one 150 yard stretch. Can
be cycled, but the bicycle will have to be pushed through Cadbury’s grounds
and up one flight of steps.

Access Points:

Walk is circular so can be started anywhere along route. The suggested start point
is the Car Park for Cotteridge Park in Franklin Road (Leaflet Map Reference D7).
The no.11 bus (outer circle) stops in Linden Road close to end of Franklin Road.
The nearest station is Bournville.

Points of Interest:

Picturesque circular walk following parts of the Wood Brook and Bourn Brooks
through Woodlands, and Bournville Parks. The walk also includes Cotteridge and
 Rowheath Parks. Other points of interest include Victorian alms houses, terraced
housing (note house names),Rowheath Pavilion, The Cadbury Factory and
original Cadbury shops, Bournville Green and the Carillon, Selly Manor, and a
model yachting pool. Inspring there are lots of spring flowers and blossom.


Shops at the junction of Mary Vale Road and Linden Road; Teas/Lunches and Bar
 at the Rowheath Pavilion. Row of shops at the Bournville Green and coffee shop
set back at end of shops. Nearest pub:- Cotteridge Inn (Pershore Road South –
short way beyond Kings Norton station).

Walk Details:

1…  From the Franklin Road Car Park, take the
path downhill that leads to the tennis courts. Just past the tennis courts,
turn left along path and take right path over a bridge across an unnamed
tributary of the River Rea and up some steps. At top of steps, turn right into
an alleyway that will take you to York Close.

2…  Turn left at York Close. This housing estate was formerly the site of the
 Bournville Steam Engine Shed (demolished in the 1960’s).  The engine sheds
 and Kings Norton Station were the source of inspiration for the Rev Awdry’s
 Thomas the Tank Engine books (Rev Awdry was vicar at Kings Norton Church).

Turn left again on reaching Selly Hall Croft and turn right on reaching Franklin
Road and immediately left into Mary Vale Road.

3…  Continue along Mary Vale and cross over the busy Linden Road using the
pedestrian crossing.(Note the original Cadbury shops on the corner opposite
on right). Continue further along Mary Vale Road (note house names), cross over
 Selly Oak Road where the road is now named Heath Road and continue past road
Long Wood. A short way past Long Wood, take  path on left through railings into
Rowheath Park (on left of Rowheath Car Park). Rowheath Park was previously a
Cadbury’s Sports Ground with a Lido.

4…  After going through the gateway/railings, continue straight for 100 yards and
follow the path round to the right. A short way after the bend go through another
gateway/railings to the pool on your right. After crossing a bridge between two pools,
follow the path round to the right to come out on Heath Road again. You may wish to
visit the Rowheath Pavilion for refreshments/meal/bar. (At time of writing open 9:00
-16:30 Mon –Sat inclusive).

5…  Turn left as you come out onto Heath Road,and continue for about ¼ mile passing
 Hawthorne Road, High Heath Close, and continue to you reach Thackeray Road on your
 left. Take the path on right opposite by the side of no. 195 Heath Road into Woodlands

6…  At bridge (brook name not known), turn right and immediately take right fork
keeping close to the brook. After 200 yards, follow path through gulley way (the only
unpaved part of walk) until you reach Bournville Lane. Turn left and continue past Hay
Green Lane and continue past the junction with Woodbrook Road. Just past the model
yachting pool, take the path on the right. This will take you round the back of the pool
(model yachting on Wednesdays and Sundays).  Continue along the back of the pool
and taking the right fork path following the Woodbrook brook up to Woodbrook Road
 (by school).

7…  Go straight across Woodbrook Road following the path on the left side
of Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School until you reach Oak Tree Lane/Hay Green
Lane junction. Turn left into Oak Tree Lane and immediately cross over the road
into Bournville Park. Follow the path through the park until you meet the busy Linden

8...  Turn left into Linden Road and proceed for a short way and use pedestrian lights
to cross over into Sycamore Road (Bournville Green). (Note the Carillon in the tower
 on top of Bournville School). Continue a short way past the shops in Sycamore Road
passing the Carillon Visitors Centre on left (Rest House) until you reach the junction with
 Maple Road on your left. At the junction is Selly Manor (and Minworth Greaves) which
are open to the public (at time of writing Tues – Fri 10:00 – 17:00 all year round and
 Sat & Sun 14:00 – 17:00 Easter until September).

9…  Double back along Sycamore Road the way you came until you reach a pathway
between railings just before the shops known as Bird Cage Walk signposted to
 Cadbury’s World (n.b. first path  - not adjacent driveway to car park). After the bend in the
 path, cross over the road at the crossing following the signs to the station and following
factory buildings to your left. Take note of the information plaques on the history of Cadbury’s
along the way. The path crosses the Bourn Brook (formerly a trout stream). Follow the
path through the factory and up ramp/steps to Bournville Lane.

10... Turn left along Bournville Lane. Cross over the road at the pedestrian crossing and
continue along for a further 100 yards until you reach a path with steps on right leading to
 the Cadbury’s Club. (Note the spectacular red brick building Swimming Baths building
further up Bournville Lane on left).   [If the gates is closed to the club, continue for further
100 yards and turn right into Franklin Way.  Continue up to Mary Vale Road and turn right
for a short way and omit section 11].

11… An optional detour at the Cadbury’s Club is to turn right through the pagoda and
stroll through the old Cadbury’s Ladies Sports Ground/Gardens up to the outdoor
swimmingpool (not in use)
                                       (BEWARE – STEPS CAN BE VERY SLIPPY)

There is no way out past the outdoor pool, so retrace your steps back to the Cadbury’s
Club. From the Cadbury’s Club continue up steps between the tennis courts. At top of
 steps, turn left to come out into Mary Vale Road.

12. At Mary Vale Road, cross over into Franklin Road opposite. Proceed down road back to
car park at start.

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Bournville Parks

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Bournville Parks

View Bournville Parks in a larger map

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