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Historic Kings Norton

(Circular Route) 4km (2.5 miles)

Maggie says " This is one of my favourite walks"

Walk clockwise.

1…  Enter Kings Norton Nature Reserve at the Beaks Hill Road entrance. 

2...  Turn right, and walk past Merecroft Pool,keeping the lake on your left. 

3… At the end of the path which followed thefence, turn left, and follow the path to the
exit onto Wychall Lane (kissing gate).

4…  Cross over Wychall Lane into the meadows, and follow the Rea Heritage Trail route,
turning right after crossing the footbridge. 

5…  Cross over another (blue) bridge near an oldmill race. 

6…  On reaching the Camp Lane exit, cross at the traffic lights, turn rightslightly uphill, over
the R.Rea, and into Kings Norton Park near the car park

7…  Follow the No. 5 cycle route through the parkheading towards the church spire, but then
take a left fork past the skate park, and exit the park at the traffic lights on Redditch Road.
(You could shorten the walk hereby going up the road to the roundabout, and turning right to
The Green.)

8…   If continuing the walk, cross over at thelights into the recreation ground, and take the tarmac
 footpath across the field.

9…  Cross over a little wooden bridge beforereaching the Worcester and Birmingham canal.

10… Turn right here, noting the Junction House,an old toll house where the two canals,
the Birmingham – Stratford and Worcester - Birmingham meet.

11...  At the next bridge, leave the canal, walk upthe ramp onto Parsons Hill.

12… This becomes renamed as Wharf Road. Walk up it, past the Police Stationto the
roundabout, and cross straight over to King’s Norton Green. There are two cafes here
and a pub.If you have time, visit the church and St. Nicolas Place Tudor building.

13… Keep left at The Green past the shops, follow Rednal Road, then right into
Beaks Hill Road.

14… Walk along the road until you are back at the start!

15… (If you used public transport to get to KingsNorton Green area then you will not need
to go back to the start but willfinish at the Green area.)

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Historic Kings Norton

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