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Kings Norton to West Heath Park

 (Circular route) 4km (2.5 miles)

Maggie says " As well as walking I enjoy running, and sometimes run
these routes especially if training for 10k or half marathon races!"

These instructions are written for the walk to be followed clockwise.

1…  If starting at the Beaks Hill Road entrance to the Nature Reserve, turn right, cross
Meadow Hill Road and take the second right into Grassmoor Road.

2…  Walk along Grassmoor Road until you come to the footpath through to the Fairway.
Follow footpath cross over and go along Vardon Way until near a bend in the road.  

3…  Take a right down Forfar Walk into West Heath Park.     

4…  In the park, bear right towards Oddingly Hall, then go down Oddingly Road.  

5…  Turn right again into Staple Lodge Road, and walk down it as far as the junction
 Wychall Lane.

6…  Turn left, and immediately cross over Wychall Lane onto the R.Rea walkway
(also the No. 5 cycle route). There are bollards here with red markers.

7…  When you reach Popes Lane, cross over at the bridge into the Nature Reserve
and follow the walkway past Wychall Reservoir. There are seats here. Look out for wildfowl
on the water!

8…  At the end of the reservoir, turn left , keep following the R.Rea Heritage trail signs.
You will walk past some woodland (or take a little path through it !)

9…  When you reach the meadow area, look out for the footbridge which takes you
back onto Wychall Lane near the junction with Meadow Hill Road.

10…   Cross over, and go into the other part of the Nature Reserve, through a kissing gate.

11…   Follow the footpath, which can be muddy! In about 200m, turn right along a wooden
 fence, past some fields with horses, and then past Merecroft Pool.

12…   At the end of the pool, turn left out of the Nature Reserve into Beaks Hill Road. You
are then get back at your starting point.  

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  Kings Norton to West Heath Park

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Kings Norton to West Heath Park

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