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Northfield to Longbridge Town Centre


 Circular walk to Longbridge Town Centre 6km (3.5 miles) full walk including Cofton Park Loop 11km (7 miles)

This walk is made up of two loops, the first is from Northfield Railway Station to Longbridge Town Centre and the second around Cofton Park, they are joined by a walk along Lickey Road. The Northfield/Longbridge loop is pretty flat and a pleasant stroll, Lickey Road is a slow incline and the Cofton Park Loop has some challenging hills.

1…   The starting point for this walk is Northfield Railway Station. Leave the station by the Station Road exit. Turn right and walk towards the railway bridge, go under the bridge and cross onto Mill Lane (please take great care crossing here).

2…   Go through the entrance onto the walkway and off the road. You will see the remains of Northfield Mill, one of many watermills that stood along the River Rea. There was once a mill for every mile of the river.

3…    Continue along the walkway until you reach Mill Walk this is the only ford on the River Rea. Cross Mill Walk and carry on past the new houses, these are built on the site of the old Kalamazoo factory.

4…   Continue until the road bends, take the left turn past the apartment building and on into Daffodil Park. In the park you can see both the River Rea and nearer the railway line the old mill race. The park is so called because daffodils were once grown here for market.

5…   When you reach the NCN 5 mile post at the park exit cross over turn left and walk alongside Longbridge Railway Station to Longbridge Lane. Turn right and walk to the pedestrian crossing by ‘The Factory’ crossing here will take you into the heart of the new Longbridge town centre. There are plenty of places to eat and lots of shops to look around. This can be the far point of your walk if you wish and you can return by the same route.

6…   If you decide to walk further turn right off High Street by the side of Bournville College, this will bring you into Austin Park. Cross the footbridge and turn right exiting onto the Bristol Road South. Before you is Longbridge Island; on your right was the now dismantled track bridge that took cars from one side of the factory to the other, opposite was the apprentice training centre.

7…   Turn left and walk up Lickey Road passing the new ExtraCare Retirement Village and the new housing on the site of the old Austin Works. Continue crossing Low Hill Lane and entering Cofton Park by the entrance next to Cofton Nurseries.

8…   You can now follow the directions for our Cofton Park Loop and enjoy this lovely park before returning the way you came.


You can download this route here


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