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Rea Valley Circular 

Approximate length of walk / duration of walk:
Whole walk 13 kilometers (8 miles) / 3.5 Hrs.

Short cuts:-

Right circular section  4.5 kilometers (2.75 miles) / 1.25 Hrs
Middle circular section  5.5 kilometers (3.5) miles / 1.5 Hrs

Left circular section 7.25 kilometers.(5 miles) / 2 Hrs 


A flat circular walk (only one short hill between Oddingley Road and Varden Way)
the walk is along paved paths all the way. Can be cycled. Uses Cycle Route 5 along
the River Rea. Roads fairly quite except Tessall Lane, Longbridge Lane, and West
Heath Road which can be busy. The optional extension round Merecroft Pool is more
difficult to cycle as the route is along rough paths. 

Access Points:

Walks are circular and can be started anywhere along route. The suggested starting
point is opposite the junction of Wychall Lane and Meadow Hill Road, Kings Norton
(reference G7 onleaflet map). Buses 47 and 49 stop at that access point. The nearest
railway station is Kings Norton for Wychall Lane or Northfield and Longbridge
Stations which areon the route.

Points of Interest:

Almost half of the walk follows the River Rea Valley from Meadow Hill Road
to Longbridge Lane. The return journey meanders round pleasant suburbs, Fairfax
Recreation Ground, West Heath Park, and finally round Merecroft Pool on the Kings
Norton Nature Reserve.

At Longbridge Lane there is an alternative routethrough the Longbridge Austin Village.
There are two short cuts whichgives three, or more, shorter circular walk alternatives.


Shops enroute at Longbridge Lane, Fairfax Road and the Fordrough. Nearest pubs:
The Bull at the Green, Kings Norton. The Cotteridge Inn, Pershore Road South, Cotteridge
(by Kings NortonStation).

Walk Details:

1... Start at Wychall Lane opposite junction with Meadow Hill Road.Take
signed path onto the Rea Valley path, going over river bridge andafter a few yards turn
left onto the Rea Valley Route. Follow main path for 1/3 mile and up to the top of Burnhams
Drive. (Worth taking path detour on left throughwooded section which comes back onto
main path).  

2... At the top of Burnhams Drive turn right to the WychallReservoir, still following the
Rea Valley Route. Continue past the Reservoir whereyou may see heron, and many
species of ducks, until you reach Popes Lane.*  (you can take short route 1 – see below) 

3… Crossover Popes Lane and continue following the Rea Valley Route, crossing
Wychall Road, and finally coming out into Middlemore Road. Turn left and go up to
thecrossroads. (you can take short route 2 – see below) 

4... At crossroads, go straight across into Station Road, go under Railway
Bridge and turn immediately left into Mill Lane and turn immediately left again to
go up steps past the old Northfield Mill ruins. Follow path through wooded area where
the old mill ponds used to be and back onto Mill Lane, continue straight on following the
road past new housing and continue down hard surface path through an area known as
the Daffodil Fields onto Tessall Lane. 

5. Turn left at Tessall Lane and round to the right followingthe railway line up to
Longbridge Lane. Turn left at Longbridge Lane, past the station.*  (you can take
alternative route through Austin Village– see below) Continue along Longbridge Lane
for ½ mile (past Turves Green Lane) and turn left into Parkdale Drive and take path on
left on a grassed area on bend in road. At Fairfax Road, turn right, continuing past the
shops and up to the junction of Edgehill Road and follow the road round to the right and
continue to West Heath Road crossroads.*  (short cut route 2 and alternative route joins)  

6... Cross over West Heath Road to continue down The Fordrough.Where the road
turns sharply to the left, take the path into West Heath Park. Continue straight on,
ignoring path on left and the path that forks off to the right and continue downhill to
the brook. Turn left just before the brook and follow path out of the park into
Oddingley Road and turn right. Continue to bend in road and turn right into Elmridge Road.* 
(short cut route 1joins at this point from opposite direction) 

7…  At the end of the cul-de-sac continue alongshort path to Oakridge Road and
turn right up to Vardon Way. Turn left at Vardon Way and continue until The Fairway
(previously Kings Norton Golf Course).Cross over The Fairway to take the path
opposite. This path will take you across Grassmoor Rd and finally into Meadow Hill
Road. *    (walk short extension through Kings Norton Nature Reserve – recommended,
the best bit of the walk). 

8... Eitherturn left down Meadow Hill Road back to the Wychall Lane start or
continue through the KingsNorton Nature Reserve by crossing over Meadow Hill Road
and taking the path opposite. After100 yards, bear round to the left to avoid going into
Beaks Hill Road. Follow the path skirting the MereCroft Pool to your left and continue
straight on unto you come to a path ‘T’junction. Turn left to bring you back to the start at
Wychall Lane. 

ShortCut 1.    Turn left up Popes Lane. Turn right at Wychall Lane and immediately left
into Chaddesley Road. At sharp right hand bend inChaddesley Road, take left turn into
Elmridge Road and continue at 7. above.         

Short Cut 2.    At West Heath Road, turn left, over the River Reabridge and continue up
slight hill to reach The Fordrough crossroads. Turn leftand follow at 6. above. Alternate
route through Austin Village. Just passed the station turn left upConey Green Drive/Central
Ave/Hawkesley Crescent. Turn left into The Oak Walk, and turn left along TurvesGreen, past
shops bearing right until you come to the West Heath Road crossroads. Turn right up West
Heath Road until you reach the crossroads at The Fordrough. Continue from 6. above.   

Download this walk as a pdf file   Rea Valley Circular.

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Rea Valley Circular

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