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Roman Camp to Millennium Green  

(Circular route) 6km (3.5 miles). 

Maggie says " As secretary of the Fields Millennium Green Trust this walk is
very special to me"

Walk anticlockwise.

1…  If starting at Kings Norton High School, take the footpath just right of the school into
 a green
area known as the Mounds. There are various pathsthrough this, but if you keep
left you will see
 the ventilation shaft chimneyfrom the canal tunnel which is beneath your feet!

2…  Exit the area via a squeeze stile and gostraight ahead into Bargehorse Walk.
Obviously the
 horses could not go thoughthe tunnel, so this is roughly the route they would
have followed to the
other end!

3…  Cross over the Old Portway unless you want tovisit shops at Hawkesley Square. 

4…  Continue along Bargehorse Walk until you reachLongdales Road.

5…  Turn left here, uphill and continue along ituntil you reach a mini roundabout at the
top of Primrose Hill. 

6…  Here, cross over Primrose Hill and go througha squeeze stile, painted blue, into the
Millennium Green Go down somesteps. There is a circular Nature Trail walk which you
 could do here,
but ifyou haven’t time to do this (it takes about 30 minutes) follow on 

7…  Keep straight on at the bottom of the steps,walk past an orchard, a car park, a large
sculpture and  a wetland area. This path is part of theNature Trail. (There is a picnic
 table near the car park.)

8…  You should exit just after the wet area byturning right when the path bends round left. 

9…  Almost opposite you will see a small road, Icknield Street, an old Roman Road. When
cemetery opposite theMillennium Green was being made,  remains ofa Roman Camp
 were found
and excavated. There is a display board showing thefindings in the cemetery

10…  Turn left after the squeeze stile, continuewalking along Walkers Heath Road, but
where this 
becomes named Harbinger Road, keep straight on into the cul desac as far as
the roundabout at
the top of Parsons Hill.

11…  Walk down the hill as far as the canal,access the towpath at the bridge, down the
turn right, walk under theroad bridge. 

12…  Walk along the canal as far as the tunnel,where you walk up to the start of the walk
 at the 
High School.   

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  Roman Camp to Millennium Green

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Roman Camp to Millennium Green

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