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The Bourne Brook Roam    

     (Circular route) 4km (2.5 miles)

Graham says "I have always liked this walk and now I am so pleased to
see the pathway down the Bourn Brook has finally being upgraded to an all weather
path.Selly Oak Park is a joy to walk around and Weoley Castle ruins has loads of history."

It is a flat walk of two different characters, part one is a leafy walk beside a babbling
brook which feels very “ rural “.Part two, the return leg, is through a Victorian park, Lodge
Hill Cemetery and finishing at a Castle ruin. One part of the walk can be muddy and
has 3 steps.   


Start at the Weoley Castle Museum entrance in Alwold Road  and do take time to have a look
around the ruins. There is no café on the route.

1…  Walk along the tarmac foot path, just to the left of the Weoley Castle Visitors Entrance.
The pathway runs along the fence overlooking the ruin on your RHS.

2…  After 100yds, turn right. Caution 4 steps, lead onto an unpaved pathway.  This part
can be muddy.

3… Note that the steps and path form part of the old Lapal no2 canal .

4… Turn left onto Bottetourt Rd.

5… Join the pathway and turn right just before the bridge.

6… Follow the pathway down the Bourne Brook. A lovely rural stroll.

7… Turn right onto Harborne lane

8… 50yds before the roundabout turn right up the entrance drive into Selly Oak Park.

9… Cross the bridge,and turn left over old Lapal No 2 canal and follow the path around
to children’s play area. Stay on the pathways on the very edge of the park. Don't leave the
park there are some wood sculptures to be seen on the route.

10… As you rejoin the main wide” through” park pathway turn left out of the park.

11… Turn left onto Woolacombe Lodge Road.

12… Turn left up Weoley Ave.

13… Turn right into Lodge Hill Cemetery (note there are war graves in the cemetery)

14… Follow the main drive through the cemetery

15… Turn right onto Castle Road

16… Turn left onto Alwold Road

 Arrive back at Weoley museum.    

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Bourne Brook Roam

Click on the photo below to see some of the best views along this walk.

Bourne Brook Roam

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