Northfield Constituency Environmental Forum

Friends of Kings Norton Nature Reserve

In 2oo4 The Friends of Kings Norton Nature Reserve (FKNNR) developed from the Friends of Wychall Reservoir (FWR) who had been in existence since October 2001. During this time FWR operated as an informal pressure group to lobby for environmental improvements in and about the reservoir and to act as a focal point for local consultations on future developments by the City. The FKNNR were registered as a charity in January 2008, the registration number is 1122293.
The FKNNR covers a wider area than the FWR but have similar purposes and have stronger links to Birmingham council and other bodies prepared to give financial support to our activities. The Constitution was finalised in September 2004.We have obtained grants and gifts of thousands of pounds for plants and works on the reserve over the few years the FKNNR has existed.

Recent works include dredging Wychall Reservoir, an Ecological Assessment in the area of the reservoir and the removal of a number of substantial willows that were spreading out of control across the reserve.The reserve is on the  Sustrans Cycle Route 5. 


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